Pioneer Gothic Church in Dwight, IL

Located at the corner of Franklin & Seminole, the Gothic Church was built in 1857 on land donated by Richard P. Morgan, Jr.  This is a fine example of Carpenter Gothic architecture.  Pointed windows and doors as well as a board and batten frame construction characterize this style.  The steeple is 80’ high.

It was built by the Presbyterian Church at a cost of $2,650.00.  They maintained it as their congregation until 1890.  From 1891 to 1893 the Keeley Company used the church as a clubroom.  In December 1893 the Danish Methodist Episcopal Church bought the building for $700.  The building was later sold to the Christian Science Society in 1924 and to Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Jensen in 1956.

Mr. & Mrs. Jensen sold it in 1966 to Charles McWilliams.  Using money given in memory of his Uncle Edward he then gave it to the Dwight Historical Society.  The Historical Society raised money to completely renovate the building.

In order to insure the future of the building, the Historical Society gave the church to Dwight Township to be used as their Town Hall.

The Prince of Wales attended church here in 1860 while in Dwight on a hunting expedition for wild birds.


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