Keeley Institute & Livingston Hotel in Dwight, IL

During the mid 1880’s, Dr. Leslie E. Keeley was among the first medical pioneers to recognize alcoholism as a disease.  Dr. Keeley and his associates, John R. Oughton and Curtis Judd, founded the Keeley Institute in Dwight for the treatment of alcoholism.  Within twenty years the Institute had developed a national and international reputation for the successful, humane treatment of alcoholism.  The Keeley Company grew from its beginning in Dwight to more than two hundred branches throughout the United States and Europe.

The Livingston Hotel, attached to the treatment center was used by patients while in Dwight.

Because of the Keeley Company, Dwight instantly became famous and people from all over visited Dwight for the famous “Keeley Cure”.  In order to impress the important clientele of the Keeley Company, elaborate buildings were constructed.  The Oughton Estate including the Windmill, The “Manse” and carriage house as well as the Depot and the Livingston Hotel were some of these buildings.  At this time Dwight was gifted with water, streets and the basic infrastructure of the thriving community.  Parks and cemeteries were also designed by world renowned landscape architects.


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