The Country Mansion & Garden Room in Dwight, IL

Built in 1891, The Country Mansion originated as the Scott House, a twenty room Victorian boarding house, located one block northeast of its present location.  In 1895 the three-story structure was moved to its current location with the use of horses, according to town historians.  In 1895 the home was elaborately renovated under the direction of Joliet architect Julian Barnes to become the residence of John R. Oughton, one of the founders of the Keeley Institute.  It then became known as The Manse.  It was used as a private residence until 1928 and then given to the Kelley Company and renamed The Lodge.

In 1977 the home was purchased by the Ohlendorf’s.  It was remodeled and opened as The Country Mansion.  The restaurant offers fine dining in a unique setting.  The Garden Room offers a beautiful location for receptions.

On September 23, 1980 the home was placed on “The National Register of Historic Places”.


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